Here's why
Not all internet connections are the same*, many homes and businesses in Australia are not connected to the internet using a fibre connection, which can result in limited access to faster speed internet services and may even result in a less reliable & more congested service.

Homes and businesses which are connected with fibre direct to their premises, enjoy access to higher speeds and more reliable internet services. Properties with a fast broadband connection that enable more efficient remote working, study and family streaming applications are often more desirable for purchase and rental.
It’s expensive to go it alone
Accessing faster internet speeds can cost thousands of dollars if you go it alone. It requires NBN to upgrade your connection, and you bear ALL the costs to connect your property with fibre.

Joining a Community Group can give you access to the fastest internet speeds without breaking the bank. But bringing members of your Community together can be time consuming and it is hard to manage a complex Group Application process with NBN.
We can help!
FASTERBROADBAND and our Partners enable Community Groups to upgrade their internet connections without the hassle, time and cost associated with applying to NBN for a Fibre upgrade yourself. FASTERBROADBAND establish each Community Group and manage the application process. Each member of the FASTERBROADBAND Community Group can connect their home or business with a new fibre connection for a fraction of the cost.

The more people that join our Community Group in your area, the cheaper it is for everyone. (check our info sheet for more details).
Express your interest to join a FASTERBROADBAND Community Group in your area to upgrade your home or business to fibre, providing access to faster internet at a lower cost than going alone.
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Our Partners
Working with top-tier partners to bring you Faster Broadband
Expressions of Interest to join a FASTERBROADBAND Group in your area are open for 30 days.

Share this link with any other neighbours who may wish to register their interest too; the more registrations we receive the lower the price for everyone.
Access the fastest internet speeds, hassle free, without breaking the bank.
By registering I accept the Community Group upgrade Quote is shared equally between each member of the Community Group.
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Note, the costs per person to upgrade will vary based on the size of each Community Group. FASTERBROADBAND will contact everyone who has registered once the minimum registration threshold is met. (minimum 25) to proceed with a Community Group application.

*The National Broadband Network (NBN) uses a variety of technologies to deliver broadband services, including fibre to the premises, fibre to the node, HFC cable and satellite. By registering your interest, you agree to accept our Privacy Policy terms & conditions.